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Sesame Streitz

Irreverent, Silly & Fun!


It’s time to get real: Real Life with Ed & Ken

Ed Streitz is the goofy, self-centered, high-strung yin to his brother Ken’s simple, stoic, self-assured yang.

Ed always wants more: more love, more money, more attention – and the fame that eluded him as a highly influential, rock ‘n roll keyboardin’ genius.

Ken is happy with things just the way they are.

Together they manage a small apartment building in a little neighborhood in downtown Vancouver, Washington. It’s not fancy and it’s not highfalutin, it’s just Real Life with Ed & Ken.

Follow the silly adventures of Ed & Ken and their oddball friends and neighbors as they navigate their way through the maze of lower middle-class life.

Novelettes featured in this collection:

Who Even Cares?
Once again, Ed is on the verge of stardom. He and Ken are offered the chance to star in a TV documentary series – but is it all too good to be true? Lights…Camera…Anger!

Kahuna / Satada
Ed wins a free vacation to the exotic, tropical island of Kukukachu. After a strange mishap, he does some digging and uncovers a mysterious curse – and it may cost him his life.

He’s just trying to relax but it lands him in jail. Follow Ed from the cemetery, to the courthouse, to center stage as he battles a fat judge, a dumb therapist, and Pastor Dutch Savage – while still keeping his spirits high.

Extra-Special Bonus Material from Real Life with Ed & Ken, 3 Novelettes, Volume 1 featuring:

“Ed’s Awesome Giude to Writer Sucsess” featuring sure-fire tips and tricks for writing super-awesome stories.

Ed’s debut story “Ghost Clone Robots in Evil Space Wars the 13th Part 2, A New Prekwill: The Warewoofs Revenge.”

And you’ll also get the Super Extra-Special Bonus Spectacular featuring:

8 awesome logos from Ed’s legendary Northwest bands!

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Sesame Streitz
Sesame Streitz

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