“It reads like a Saturday Night Live skit or a Comedy Central animated show.”

“Author Rev. Shakes Spear has crafted a collection of tales that reminded me of some of the comedy greats in the highs of 90’s film and television: a little Beavis and Butthead here, a little Steve Martin there. This makes for a winning combination as the sharp meets the silly in the author’s narration.”

“This generation’s new Beavis and Butthead or Mad Magazine.”

“The funny lines bounce effortlessly between the characters and off the page.”
~ Reader’s Favorite


With a chip on his shoulder and a scowl on his face, Ed Streitz has had enough. He’s tired of his stupid job, sick of people telling him what to do, frustrated with his uptight girlfriend, and irritated with the world in general. He should have been a world-famous musician but instead he manages a small apartment building with his older brother Ken.

Ken is an easy-going tough guy who works hard, likes beer and his truck.

Follow the goofy adventures of Ed and Ken, and their oddball friends and neighbors as they navigate their way through the maze of lower middle-class life in the late ‘80’s.

Novelettes featured in this collection:

Who Even Cares?
Once again, Ed is on the verge of stardom. He and Ken are offered the chance to star in a TV documentary series – but is it all too good to be true? Lights… Camera… Anger!

Kahuna / Satada
Ed wins a ‘free’ vacation and invites Juldie and Ken to join him on the exotic tropical island of Kukukachu. After a strange mishap, Ed does some digging and uncovers a mysterious curse – and it may cost him his life.

He’s just trying to relax but it lands him in jail. Follow Ed from the cemetery to the courthouse to center stage as he battles the Regulators, a fat judge, a dumb therapist, and Pastor Dutch Savage – while still keeping his spirits high.

Extra-Special Bonus Material!

  • Ed’s ‘Awesome Giude for Writer Sucsess’
  • ‘Ghost Clone Robots in Evil Space Wars the 13th Part 2, A New Preekwil: The Warewoofs Revenge’ An Epic Sci-Fi Action-Adventure Superhero Story by Ed Streitz

Super extra-Special Bonus Spectacular!

  • Eight Logos from Ed’s Legendary Northwest Bands
Sesame Streitz
ED & KEN Official InnerWebs Site LOGO
Sesame Streitz

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