There is such a thing as a stupid question…and I’m here to answer it.

And don’t even worry about it ’cause the dumber your question is, the easier it is for me to answer it.

So if you want the stupid truth for your dumb question? Fine! But don’t come crying spill-milks to me when you don’t like my awesome answers (that can probly fix ALL your stupid problems)!

Send your questions regarding life, love, work, rockin’, spacklin’ and more to Ed now!

Ask Ed!

OK, you asked for it: here’s my awesome Edvice. Use it to make your stupid life least a little better (maybe) (p.f. – not rasponsable for your own dumb actions. Don’t do nothing you read on the Werld Wide Innerwebs (’cause it ain’t real, duh.).

Letter #1…



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